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Most chemists who are familiar with the first software program to acquire and manage data output from a chromatograph are familiar with a company known as Nelson Analytical. Jeff Justice made a significant contribution to that company in software development. When Dave Nelson sold the company to Perkin Elmer, Jeff Justice founded Justice Innovations, which was incorporated in 1988.

A year later, the first version of Chrom Perfect® was made available to the analytical laboratory market.

The early vision of the company was to focus on developing superior chromatography software programs. Today, the company is known as Justice Laboratory Software, a division of Justice Innovations, Inc., and the focus of the company remains: to design and develop superior chromatography data systems that conform with the current industry software standards and that will work with any chromatograph available on the market. Chrom Perfect® has been the choice of thousands of chemists; notably, chromatography "gurus" and column manufacturers.

Recently, the United Registrar of Systems Ltd. issued the company ISO- 9001-3 certification. This achievement is illustrative of the company’s focus. The International Organization of Standards established the ISO - 9001-3 standard of quality specifically for software manufacturing companies. Justice Laboratory Software is the only independent chromatography Software Company to achieve this quality standard.

This achievement is actually the latest in a long list of innovations that Justice Laboratory Software has brought forth. Significant among these accomplishments and the date they were made available to the market are the following:

  • Chrom Perfect® was the first system to allow multiple methods of data acquisition and control, December 1991 on the same platform
  • The first system to allow users to add their full formulas to reports, January 1992.
  • The first Microsoft Windows-based SEC/GPC (Size Exclusion Chromatography, Gel Permeation Chromatography) software system available, November 1994.
  • The first chromatography software to provide automatic file search capability, December 1994.
  • First software program to automate measurement of predetermined analysis limits, to activate an alarm when limits are exceeded and to automatically log system suitability data for compliance, March 1995.
  • The first system to support data acquisition from up to sixteen instruments per workstation using 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, March 1995.
  • Chrom Perfect® was the first chromatography data system to run under the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, August 1995.
  • The first software system to acquire data from and control up to eight HP 5890 GCs, February 1996.
  • The first software system to acquire data from and control up to eight HP 5890, 6890, 4890 GCs, February 1996.
  • Chrom Perfect® was the first chromatography data system capable of supporting a PC-based Windows NT client/server operating system, April 1996.
  • The first software to provide a fully integrated report from a dual channel detector, March 1997.

Now, Justice Laboratory Software has announced the availability of a new generation of chromatography data systems featuring 32-bit software, Chrom Perfect®SpiritChrom Perfect® supports any commercially available liquid or gas chromatograph, and was designed to run on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT operating systems.

Chromatography data systems have come a long way since their inception, and Justice has been there
leading the way.

Justice Laboratory Software, a division of Justice Innovations, Inc., offers the most comprehensive line of high technology software products for your analytical laboratory. This company is the only independent software provider in the analytical instrument industry to be awarded ISO-9001 certification. From NT based client server chromatography systems, to single user basic data systems, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatography applications.

Our Mission

Justice Laboratory Software is focused on developing software for chromatography. Our research and development teams adhere to a system strategy that dictates the use of open-standard computer technology and full connectivity between our products. This system strategy offers your laboratory maximum adaptability to evolve with changes in technology and future growth requirements.

To ensure that our products are truly relevant to the lab, we have staffed our research and development, marketing, sales, and support teams with analytical chemists who have first-hand experience in the needs of the lab. Thus, you can be assured that from the design phase through installation, training, and ongoing support, your Chrom Perfect® system is connected with a team of experts who understand the chromatography laboratory.

The choice of thousands of chemists worldwide.

The purchase of a computer system, no matter how large or small, is considered an investment in the productivity of the laboratory. We recognize that this investment requires confidence in a company, its products and product strategy, support, and management.

Justice Laboratory Software offers a comprehensive line of high-technology software products for your analytical laboratory. Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatography applications. Our products offer multi-vendor instrument interfacing and distributed data processing for total integration of your laboratory.

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