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DENVILLE, NJ –Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 software for Windows, engineered to acquire and manage data from GCs performing simulated distillation applications, is now available from Justice Laboratory Software. Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 is a complete data processing solution offering powerful, accurate and easy-to-use chromatography software for determining the boiling point distribution of crude oil and its products. This software provides the full range of American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) simulated distillation methodologies with unlimited reporting options.

Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 runs on Windows 95, 98 or NT operating systems with the look and feel of Microsoft Windows-based programs. Like all Chrom Perfect software, this program can manage data from any manufacturer’s gas chromatograph capable of simulated distillation methods, including the ability to provide full instrument control when used with Hewlett-Packard 5890 or 6890 GCs. Single or multi user systems are available. The Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 program is compatible with high-speed GC applications, and it includes a master boiling point library with user definable pass or fail conditions. Users can configure Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 to automatically notify and transfer analytical results to an Intranet or to other locations through the Internet. The Internet network link can also be used to provide user support through a connection with Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 support specialists.

When used with the Chrom Perfect ReportWrite Plus™ accessory software, Chrom Perfect SimDist 2000 provide limitless reporting options. Choose from a variety of ways to report data, or export directly to MS Excel or as a text file to LIMS. The OLE II common object file structure allows full interface to any Microsoft Office or other Visual Basic applications.

Justice Laboratory Software, a division of Justice Innovations, Inc., offers a comprehensive line of high technology software products for your analytical laboratory. This company is the only independent software provider in the analytical instrument industry to be awarded ISO-9001 certification. From NT based client server chromatography systems, to single user basic data systems, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatography applications.

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