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  March 12, 2002



Justice Laboratory Software Releases Tigre-E+,  New Ethernet ready chromatography interface



  Denville NJ -- Justice Laboratory Software, the leading developer of Chromatography Data system software for science based industries, announced today it’s introduction of the new Tigre-E+ to the Tigre Series Chromatography instrument interface.

 This latest product development is additive to existing Chrom Perfect 32 bit data systems. Users simply connect their instruments to the standard Ethernet wire frame. Each Tigre-E+ A/D converter is TCP/IP addressable and allows access by Chrom Perfect® Spirit users from anywhere on the enterprise.

 The New Tigre-E+ uses standard COM/DCOM technologies and does not require dedicated or out-sourced  “Chromatography Servers” for implementation.  24 Bit resolution and speeds up to 1000 Hz, each Tigre-E+ instrument interface is user configurable for a single or dual detector, instruments. Data acquisition rates suitable from the fastest to the slowest chromatography applications.

 Version 5.5 and above of Chrom Perfect® Spirit will support the New Tigre-E+, existing Tigre IV four channel USB, Tigre III two channel USB, Tigre II single instrument/two channel serial, as well as legacy ISA and direct instrument data acquisition methods.


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