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  New Serial 24bit A/D interface


New USB 24bit A/D interfaces

Denville, NJ/Palo Alto, CA (December 15, 2001) --- Justice Laboratory Software, the leading developer of Chromatography Data systems software for the science-based industries, announced today it’s introduction of the new Tigre™ Series A/D interfaces. 

 This latest development is additive to the existing technologies from Justice Laboratory Software.   Existing customers simply connect  the PC's serial, USB port(s) and/or Ethernet port for installation.  Chrom Perfect Spirit™ Version 5.5 supports the Tigre™ A/Ds as well as existing Serial and ISA solutions.

The Tigre™ series products are ideal for both mobile/notebook applications, and the larger enterprise based laboratory with many analog instruments. Many configurations and topologies are available to organize a very wide variety of acquisition requirements.

The need for speed!      Flash chromatography, CZE, High Speed Simulated Distillation are just a few applications for which the Tigre III™  USB and Tigre E+ are ideal.  The USB and Ethernet interface fulfills the promise of wide bandwidth.  Sample at 900Hz and see.


Tigre IV™  USB is a 4 channel interface which is cable compatible and configuration compatible with the our existing ISA 4 channel devices.  Users upgrading computer systems without ISA slots simply upgrade to the Tigre IV ™ and plug the existing signal cable into the interface.

Utilizing the unique Chrom Perfect Spirit®  Client/Server software design, any Tigre™ series A/D can be operated by any Chrom Perfect Spirit® user over TCP/IP standard protocol.

OEM service is available and welcome!!  Call for details.



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