custom projectscustom projects After 14 years of supplying Data systems to some of the most sophisticated chromatographers in the world. We at Justice Laboratory Software appreciate that no commercially available data system will satisfy 100% of the most demanding specialty applications.

Our loyal customers have often come to us to help solve many of their research instrument, and process control issues, as well as providing different solutions to view, visualize, and interpret their chromatographic data.

Chrom Perfect® Spirit design philosophy allows rapid custom cost effective development:

The use of several ActiveX servers provides several important benefits. Each ActiveX object can be customized or replaced in the overall system without concern of its effect on the total Chrom Perfect® program. This allows rapid development of specific customer requirements. Customers can be provided just the Chrom Perfect® Servers that are appropriate for the application, and servers can be replaced or modified without a major engineering project

Some of the projects completed over the past year include:

  • A visual display module that allows a preparative HPLC fraction collector to visualize the chromatographic data to clearly indicate the vial location of each fraction of the separation. This project incorporated totally new graphic requirements and digital interface to an already existing instrument firmware.
  • High Speed Simulated Distillation Modifications made to Chrom Perfect® allow high speed SimDist. Data from an dual detector HP 6890 at 200Hz allows the interface of multiple instruments, and full SimDist analysis from 60 to less than 8 minutes. These changes have contributed to high throughput without adding instrumentation and personnel.
  • Automated Column testing: For years Chrom Perfect® data systems have been used by most of the GC and HPLC column manufactures. Long recognized as the leader in superior integration algorithms, our unique ability to incorporate any custom parameter or calculation in the report writer provides the best tools for product testing. Recently a major manufacturer of HPLC columns needed a front end to Chrom Perfect® that would allow full automation of their product testing. Product numbers, pass/fail conditions, and printing of the final C of A with Customer QA reports were accomplished. The custom modified Chrom Perfect® now fully automates the column testing procedure.
  • A major petrochemical company has added to the Chrom Perfect® control of the HP6890 the ability to control external pyrolysis ovens via PLCs. This interface included temperature and flow feed back information that provided a single solution for experimental combustion stations.
  • A drug discovery group which uses Chrom Perfect® for data acquisition required a solution to present large amounts of data from thousands of micro titer reactions. A modified Chrom Perfect® provided a means to present data to non-chromatographers in a compact form that would display the Titer plate well results. The color coded wells show results graphically, including the chromatogram and reports.
  • From NASA to NOAA, Justice Laboratory Software is ready to provide the solutions for your laboratory or OEM application.

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