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Natural Gas Analysis

Now you can produce complete reports of heating value, compressibility, and other natural gas properties from your Chrom Perfect® Spirit chromatography data system.

Computations According to GPA Standard natural gas_sm

The software computes the natural gas properties according to the Gas Processor's
Association Standard 2261-90. Users can also add additional computations to the
report because the format is controlled by Chrom Perfect's® ReportWrite Plus™ custom
report generator.

Custom Report Formats

Because the software functions as a module within Chrom Perfect's® ReportWrite Plus™,
you can customize almost all aspects of the report. For instance, you can express results
in metric units instead of English, or change the language from English to your local language.
You can decide to show or hide the chromatogram and can add additional computations to the report.

Back Flush, Dual Column, or Single Column Methods

The software will work with all major methods for separating the components in natural gas.

The Black Flush method places the natural gas on the column and then switches a valve that results in the
heavier components eluting first.

The Dual Column method uses 2 separate columns, one with a FID detector and a
second with a TCD detector.
The Natural Gas software takes the 2 separate chromatograms and merges them into a single report.

The Single Column method uses a single column with 2 detectors, a TCD and a FID. The TCD is used up to C5, and then the FID is electrically switched to provide extra sensitivity to C6 and above.

Reduced Learning Time and System Maintenance

You don't need to learn a separate system for each chromatography analysis in your lab. Chrom Perfect® can
perform natural gas analyses on selected channels while other channels are performing other tests.

The Windows-based user interface simplifies operation and reduces new operator training expenses.

Saves Data for Analysis by Other Software Packages

All data produced by the Natural Gas software is left on disk for historical analysis or transfer to other software packages such as LIMS, word processors, spreadsheets, or data bases.


The Natural Gas software requires Version 5.X of Chrom Perfect®Spirit or later.  It will work with all modes of Chrom Perfect® data acquisition, including DT boards, HP5890's and Tigre series interfaces.


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