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32 Bit SEC/GPC Viscosity Software For Windows

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Accurate SEC/GPC Viscosity

Software that is easy to use

For analytical and polymer chemists who need to effectively collect, manage, and report GPC data, Chrom Perfect Spirit GPC/SEC software is a unique software application that utilizes all of the custom reporting and data analysis routines of the Chrom Perfect Spirit Data system as well as providing features specific for managing your Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), and Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC). Chrom Perfect SpiritGPC/SEC software can provide the answers you need about your polymer.

Justice Laboratory Software does not limit the user to only the one or two types of detectors, users are free to select the best of breed.

Designed to accommodate the broadest range of detectors you choose; RI, UV, or DVD can interface to Chrom Perfect Spirit.

Chrom Perfect® makes it easy to review and edit baselines and integration parameters.

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Chrom Perfect SpiritGPC is the first and only data system that incorporates full ActiveX standards with full customization of reports and output formats.

The only system to give you complete control of report content without requiring the user to be bound to complex, expensive data base engines to get results, Chrom Perfect Spirit makes it easy to export to your database or LIMS.

Chrom Perfect Spirit offers a wide range of system configurations to meet the polymer chemist’s needs. Available applications for 1 to 16 instruments per workstation, single user to enterprise-wide client server.

Chrom Perfect Spirit supports multiple choices of data Acquisition ranging from internal 20 Bit A/D converters to the latest in external 24 Bit USB A/D solutions.

Chrom Perfect Spirit GPC system’s object based design and ActiveX compatibility allows easy connectivity to any other ActiveX application with standard VBA interfaces.


Superior Graphics

Fully incorporated in the Chrom Perfect Spirit CDS. Chrom Perfect Spirit SEC Software is part of the Chrom Perfect Spirit data system and is not a add-on third party application designed to process data from the CDS.

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A powerful import engine allows data processing of files from most Chromatography data systems

The easiest user interface available

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Complete solution, no need to switch to another application for other HPLC/GC data acquisition and processing requirements.

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  Unlimited reporting Capabilities

  Any number of reports per analysis

  Rapid Review of reports

  Easy Data transfer of results

  Highest Quality A/D available today

  Easy LIMS interface

  ISO certified developer


Detailed Features

Data Acquisition

20 Bit Internal or 24 Bit external USB interface, requires Chrom Perfect Spirit Version 5.

Calibration Routines

Peak Integration Features

GPC Plot Options Include:

SEC Baseline Processing range, Column range, and Calibration Range.

SEC MWD Plot options include both differential and Cumulative Plots of:

Plots have markers for:

SEC Cal plot options include:

Report output format

Formats include:

Choice of Thousands of Chemists Worldwide

The purchase of a Chromatography Data System, no matter how large or small, is considered an investment in the productivity of the laboratory. We recognize that this investment requires confidence in a company, its products, strategy, support and management.

Justice Laboratory Software offers the most comprehensive line of high technology software products for your Laboratory. From NT based client/server workstation chromatography systems to basic single user, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatographic applications.

Our products offer multi-vendor instrument interfacing, and distributed data processing for total integration of your lab.

Chrom Perfect Spirit Data systems do not require non standard hardware, or data acquisition servers and are compliant to all Microsoft 32 bit ActiveX and COM and Controls.

Chrom Perfect Spirit contains the industry’s most powerful report writer. It goes far beyond simplistic pasting of images and logos. ReportWrite Plus gives the user full control of the calculations needed for a complete laboratory report.

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Ordering Information

40-5000-0000 Chrom Perfect Spirit Version 5.0 32-Bit Software Suite

40-1000-1202 Two Channel Data Acquisition One or Two Instruments

40-1000-1404 Four Channel Data Acquisition One to Four Instruments

40-5006-0000 Chrom Perfect Spirit 32-Bit GPC /SECV³ software option

Justice Laboratory Software invites you to compare Chrom Perfect Spirit with any other data system available today. Find out about our dedication to customer service and support. Review our consistent record of providing our customers with a significant revision every year since 1989.

The leading independent ISO certified developer of Chromatography data systems.

Chrom Perfect® is a registered trademark of Justice Innovations Inc.

Chrom Perfect Spiritis a registered trademark of Justice Innovations Inc.


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