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Simulated Distillation Chromatography

Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000 Software for Windows®

Accurate and Easy-to-Use

If you increase the data reporting accuracy of simulated distillation studies run in your lab, you can help improve the efficiency of the refining process in your plant. Justice Laboratory Software introduces Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000, the most powerful, accurate and easy-to-use data system available to determine the boiling point distribution of crude oil and its products. This software provides the full range of American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) simulated distillation methodologies with unlimited reporting options. Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000 is the complete data processing solution for simulated distillation applications.

results displayed in real time
Analytical results, including boiling point
distribution, is displayed in real time.

Works with any GC

Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000 runs on Windows® 98SE, Me,  NT4, 2000, XP operating systems with the look and feel of Microsoft® Windows-based programs. As with all Chrom Perfect® software, it will interface to any manufacturer’s gas chromatograph capable of simulated distillation methods. When used with Hewlett-Packard 5890 or 6890 GCs, it provides full instrument control and automation.

Automated Quality Control

Incorporate Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000 into your QC laboratory and improve productivity with unique automation features, such as: multi mode operation, fully automatic blank runs, quality control and column compensation, and interactive or automatic operation.

Reporting Options

Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000 and Chrom Perfect® ReportWrite Plus provides limitless opportunities to present your data in formats your lab can benefit from. The OLE II common object file structure allows full interface to any Microsoft Office or other Visual Basic® application.


reporting options
Choose from a variety of ways to report
data, or export directly to MS Excel or
as a text file to LIMS.

  • Unlimited number of SimDist 2000 procedure files are provided so you can comply with ASTM methods while performing your own specific applications.
  • Automatic file transfer to Microsoft Excel and Access applications as ASCII text or csv file formats.
  • Compatible with high speed applications.
  • Maintains master boiling point library with user definable pass or fail conditions.
  • Automatic support includes direct Internet connection to SimDist 2000 support specialists - simply attach your data files for a diagnostic evaluation of your system.
  • Fully automated base line correction and quality control reports.
  • Full integration with powerful Chrom Perfect® features, including; data reporting, statistical analysis, data search, instrument control, and chromatogram plotting features.
  • You can configure SimDist 2000 to automatically notify and transfer analytical results to your company’s intranet or to other locations through the Internet.
  • Single or multi user systems are available.
ASTM Simulated Distillation Methods:
  • ASTM D2887: Standard test method for boiling range distribution of petroleum fractions by GC.
  • ASTM D5307: Performs D2887 analysis against a defined internal standard.
  • ASTM D5307: Performs D2887 analysis against a defined external standard.
  • ASTM D3710: Standard test method for boiling range distribution of gasoline and gas fractions by GC.

automatic support
Automatic support includes
direct Internet connection to
SimDist 2000 support specialists.

The Choice of Thousands of Chemists Worldwide.

Since 1989, users have recognized Chrom Perfect's® ability to rapidly and accurately integrate complex petrochemical separations. The purchase of a chromatography data system, no matter how large or small, is considered an investment in the productivity and accuracy of the laboratory. We recognize that this investment requires confidence in a company, its products, strategy, support and management. Justice Laboratory Software offers the most comprehensive line of high technology software products for your analytical laboratory. From Windows NT based client/server to single user basic chromatography data systems, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of your chromatography application.

automatically send data to any email
If your PC is connected to a telephone,
send data to any e-mail address

Ordering Information
5008-0000 SimDist 2000 for existing Chrom Perfect® for Windows
1508-2204 SimDist 2000 including Chrom Perfect® for HPGCs (instrument control and acquisition for HP6890 or 5890 GCs)
1505-1102 SimDist 2000 for Chrom Perfect® includes data acquisition for one GC
1505-1104 SimDist 2000 for any GC with analog output includes data acquisition for four GCs
2500-2204 SimDist 2000 system for Chrom Perfect® Spirit HPGCs Professional system includes data acquisition for four GCs
3500-0000 SimDist 2000 Chrom Perfect® Client Server 5 user (multi instrument version of Chrom Perfect® and Chrom Perfect® SimDist 2000)
Complete simulated distillation support consulting services available.

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