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Built on the foundation of Chrom Perfect® Spirit, provide your single or dual channel instrument with an industry standard in chromatography data acquisition.

Available now from Justice Laboratory Software, is a new cost effective solution for the mobile lab or single instrument analysis.

The Chrom Perfect® brand of data acquisition products welcomes a new member to the expanding family of quality software and hardware offerings.

Chrom Perfect LSi, provides a fully ActiveX enabled 32bit software package for any chromatograph in your laboratory.  Up to 2 channels of data with full reporting and analysis features only available from Justice Laboratory Software.

Easy to use

The easy-to-use graphic user interface displays all parameters in forms, including instrument control parameters, such as oven temperature set points. Multiple levels of help are available to users on-line. 

Mouse techniques can be used to overlay, stack, and plot chromatograms. Special functions are provided for subtraction, smoothing and bunching of data.

GLP/GMP features

Chrom Perfect® fully documents all methods, sequences, and reports including instrument run logs. These features provide a complete, unbroken link from the initial experiment to the final results. Special Chrom Perfect Bound Data Files™ prevent overwriting data and unintended user access to files, programs, and report templates. ReportWrite Plus™ formats provide complex finished reports without human intervention. This ensures that all your standard operating procedures are followed.

Data Analysis

Users have the Freedom to choose how many of chromatograms are analyzed at a time. The limitation is the hardware resource.

Chromatogram information is only one right click away. This provides key information about the analysis.

Operation Assistants help users step by step in all interactive operations such as manual integration, annotation, calibration parameter adjustments, etc.

Every chromatogram in the analysis program can be individually adjusted for plotting, integrating, reporting.

Enhanced Meta File (EMF) provides publication quality chromatograms which work with ritually any modern desktop publishing system.

Rapid Review allows users to randomly browse the chromatograms via a sequence or individual  selections. The users have freedom to choose the item(s) to view quickly: the plot, standard report, or just single peak or component, or even customized calculations of peaks/components/runs.

Now through advanced COM technology, many often used applications, such as Rapid Review and Batch processing, can be invoked from within several commonly used modules in the system. Users do not need to close applications to use other modules.

Data Acquisition

REAL TIME INTEGRATION. Users can make decisions early in run which saves time, samples, and other resources. With a single click, the user can trigger the integration anytime during the run to check results or set a fixed time interval and let the software integrate automatically.

A reference chromatogram as a background provides a quick visual clue on whether the current run is progressing as expected. Again, users can make decisions early and save time.

Real time annotations provide a way for users to record comments in real time about run condition and other observations. This keeps notes close to the data.

Real time labels show component expected elution times, search windows, and also help the user to verify the sample is running as expected. With integration turned on, the user can view the amount of each peak during data acquisition.

Unlimited downloadable user fields provide a flexible way to record experimental conditions. These fields are saved with the raw data file and add key search criteria for database searches. The fields are user defined, and could be imported during the acquisition via ActiveX automation.

Chromatogram information is only one right click away. Key information about any chromatogram is presented.

Instrument Interface:

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