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Here is a data system to replace your integrator.

Turn your PC or notebook into a chromatography workhorse for your laboratory.

These Internet @Specials provide any chromatograph with a state of the art data system.

Justice Laboratory Software is pleased to offer this system at a great price.


@Special USB:

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for any chromatograph using our Tigre III interface.

Any analog input, a PC using Win2000 or XP and a USB port.

Provides for a single user, and a GC or LC equipped with single or dual channel detectors.


@Special Agilent GC

for Agilent 5890* (Series A, II, II+), 6890 (A, Plus, N) and 6850 gas chromatograph.

Using the GC's serial communication interface, a PC with Win2000 or XP and the serial port.

 System provides full instrument set-point control including auto-sampler with dual towers.

System is for a single user and an Agilent GC equipped with single or dual channel detectors.


*Note:  Agilent 5890 GCs require Option 580 installed.  (HP KIT Part No. HP19257A)


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