Chrom Perfect Spirit
Operating Systems Supported:
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Professional
Fully Implemented Technologies:
  • Client/Server 
  • COM and DCOM
  • Microsoft Active X® controls


In today's laboratory, you need a computing strategy to handle the growing volume of chromatography data quickly and efficiently. This strategy should provide each analyst with an easy-to-use graphic user interface, a structured and controlled network environment, and the ability to conform to an already established laboratory. Chrom Perfect® is a new generation in chromatography data systems featuring 32-bit software that delivers advanced peak detection, integration, and analysis. This comprehensive software program manages data output from any chromatograph, yet is designed and organized for simple operation. It is similar to other Microsoft Windows-based programs both in appearance and operation. Chrom Perfect® supports true 32-bit OLE client/server applications based on COM and DCOM technologies.

New from Justice Laboratory Software, a division of Justice Innovations, Chrom Perfect® was engineered by the world's foremost designers of chromatography data systems.

Chrom Perfect®Spirit has a completely rebuilt architecture that incorporates the latest COM/DCOM/ACTIVE X technology.

MSOffice/VBA accessible to all data, real time data, real time instrument status, download, raw data, supporting data file, peak list, component list, report, customized report, configuration.

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Compatibility, Flexibility

Perfect® can be used with any commercially available LC or GC. The program was designed to run on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT operating systems. You can incorporate Chrom Perfect® systems into your lab regardless of the type of chromatograph you use for the most logical solution in today's competitive environment. Analytical applications from simulated distillation to size exclusion chromatography are fully supported.
fast graphics display
Fast graphics display of chromatography
data for easy post run evaluation.
Easy to use

The easy-to-use graphic user interface displays all parameters in forms, including instrument control parameters, such as oven temperature set points. Multiple levels of help are available to users, including vocal assistance for computers equipped with sound cards. Mouse techniques can be used to overlay, stack, and plot chromatograms. Special functions are provided for subtraction, smoothing and bunching of data.
key method elements
Create or modify key method
elements from one simple form.
pertinent statistics
See all pertinent statistics for
your calibrations.
calibration graphs
Full calibration graphs for component quantification.
control forms
Easy-to-use control forms for instrument setup parameters.
spreadsheet form
Easy-to-use spreadsheet form for component identification and calculations.
Multiple instrument support

Chrom Perfect® is capable of supporting multiple instruments through various interfaces, including: standard serial, Universal Serial Bus, IEEE-488, direct 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converters or through an Ethernet network to the server PC. This unique architecture lets you use as many PCs as you want in your system deployment. Our unique multi-instrument monitor system allows you to view data in real time as it is acquired from any instrument, through any PC on the network.
Instrument Interface Options:
• Justice Laboratory Software 24-bit A/D Cards
• 24-Bit Serial and/or USB High Speed Interface.
• RS-232 interface for direct digital output from HP 5890, 6890 and 6850 GCs
• Communication via Internet protocol to an Ethernet network
Any combination of the above can be used
wizard guide
Wizards guide you through
system setup and configuration.
Instruments can be automatically set up, interfaces initialized, and default file names created across an entire network. Chrom Perfect® allows you to configure and assign tasks to users on the network so that each user can quickly select the type of analysis to run using the same graphic user interface. You can override settings in a sequence without disrupting runs in progress and even store instrument run logs in Chrom Perfect® files for a complete record of the run. This unique form of instrument control provides all users with a common user interface for operating any chromatograph, regardless of its manufacturer.
Independent and Intelligent Interface Options
  • Collect digital data directly
Digital chromatographs can connect to the Chrom Perfect® system using a direct RS-232 communications interface. As many as eight dual detector, dual auto-sampler equipped chromatographs can be connected to each client PC. Data from digital chromatographs are transferred to the data system in real time through the Client Serial Interface. Chrom Perfect® provides instrument control, including supported autosampler. You can integrate total instrument control and data processing into a single software method.
  • Collect analog data
Analog data from all commercial chromatographs can be collected on the Chrom Perfect® system through 24-bit A/D (analog-to-digital) cards,  direct interface, 24-bit USB A/Ds,  24-bit TCP/IP A/Ds, or with an TCP/IP interface with selected existing instruments.
Customers with existing systems  may increase the size of their system simply by adding more channels to accommodate additional instruments and PCs. Additional servers may be added to increase system support, file services, or to accommodate new workgroups.
Chrom Perfect Tigre 24-bit A/D interface
  • Nonstop data collection
All interfaces in the Chrom Perfect® client/server environment connect directly to the client PC thus eliminating non-standard Ethernet devices on the network. This allows data collection even if the network or servers should become inoperative.
Complete data integrity

Each file generated by Chrom Perfect® is embedded with special software checks in the raw data file to monitor all access and protect data against any tampering. Audit trail functions in the software keep a comprehensive record of all changes. During data acquisition, all data are stored in PCs and automatically passed to designated file servers. You can view the conditions of all instrument interfaces on the network as they are displayed in real time. Due to the full application of ActiveX controls, Chrom Perfect® data security is enforced, even when being operated from external software applications.

Unique scaleable architecture

Chrom Perfect® provides you with the most flexible way to connect instruments to a computer network in stages that fit your needs. Whether you begin with a single instrument workstation configuration, grow to laboratory peer-to-peer networks, or deploy full-scale enterprise servers integrated with LIMS, you are assured of a consistent data handling strategy across all hardware environments.

All this is accomplished using standard, universally available computer hardware without requiring the purchase of expensive proprietary servers and interfaces.

Simplified data management

Chrom Perfect® utilizes the true OLE II standard for data file integration, not simply an OLE (object linking and embedding) container to host foreign objects on reports. Chrom Perfect® provides a complete set of servers with ActiveX controls. This means Chrom Perfect® can add its processing power to any OLE compliant application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. And, it is fully programmable with all applications that are supported by Visual Basic® including all Microsoft Office applications.

GLP/GMP features

Chrom Perfect® fully documents all methods, sequences, and reports including instrument run logs. These features provide a complete, unbroken link from the initial experiment to the final results. Special Chrom Perfect Bound Data Files™ prevent overwriting data and unintended user access to files, programs, and report templates. ReportWrite Plus™ formats provide complex finished reports without human intervention. This ensures that all your standard operating procedures are followed.
individual chromatogram info
Access to individual chromatogram information is fully documented.

The unique Modify capability allows safe changes to processes while they are occurring. You can edit method and sequence parameters on instruments currently collecting data without fear of inadvertent alteration that can affect results. For example, instrument settings for an analysis, yet to be performed, can be safely edited using this feature.


Users in regulatory environments can deploy the Chrom Perfect® system with the full assurance that stringent quality standards are used during product development, installation and validation. A complete Validation Assistance Program is available to provide the necessary tools to validate Chrom Perfect®. Products and services available from Justice Laboratory Software include IQ/OQ upon installation, validation documentation, instrument validation modules and a thorough vendor audit program.
graphics display for comparison
Complete graphics display for comparison results of bunching,
smoothing and baseline
subtraction evaluation.

Chrom Perfect® offers features that allow you to format the exact report you want graphically on the computer screen without special commands. The OLE II common object file structure allows full interface to any Microsoft Office or other Visual Basic application. Twenty-six standard client/server engines allow full integration with your application. Or, use ReportWrite Plus to embed any application-required calculations in your report format. With Chrom Perfect Results, you can command fast and easy summaries of any required result.
customized reports
Create customized reports with drag
and drop elements including graphics, files and calibration data.
present analytical data
present analytical data
present analytical data
With Chrom Perfect you can present analytical data from a dual detector on one page.
plot data from multiple runs
plot data from multiple runs
plot data from multiple runs
Plot data from multiple runs on one page.
create customized certificates
create customized certificates
create customized certificates
Chrom Perfect gives you the ability to
create customized Certificates of Analysis.
Continuing commitment to chemists

Justice Laboratory Software is focused on developing software for chromatography. Our approach is to follow industry standards and conform to the computer requirements of every lab. This system strategy offers your laboratory the ability to adapt to changes in technology and evolve with future growth requirements.

To ensure that our products are truly relevant to your lab, we have staffed our research and development, marketing, sales, and support teams with analytical chemists who have first-hand experience in the needs of the lab. Thus, you can be assured that from the design phase through installation, training, and continuing support, your Chrom Perfect® system is connected with a team of experts who understand the chromatography lab.

The choice of thousands of chemists worldwide

The purchase of a chromatography data system, no matter how large or small, is an investment in the productivity of your laboratory. We recognize that this investment requires confidence in a company, its products and product strategy, support, and management.

Justice Laboratory Software offers the most comprehensive line of high-technology software products for your analytical laboratory. From PC-based client/server chromatography systems to single user basic data systems, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatography applications. Our products offer multi-vendor instrument interfacing and distributed data processing for total integration of your lab.

For an intelligent approach to chromatography data management, talk with us. See why Justice Laboratory Software is the choice of thousands of chemists worldwide.

The ActiveX client/server based architecture expands Chrom Perfect®Spirit to much broader applications. With our provided VBA templates, users can easily add chromatography data handling functions to their favorite applications. For example, users can use the Active X controls Chrom Perfect®Spirit   provides to browse chromatograms in Microsoft’s Excel, Word or Access and then directly read and import Chrom Perfect® native data files.

Using our true ActiveX architecture, our users will not suffer from API wrapper type ActiveX architecture that limits how the underlying traditional API functions.

The standard ActiveX interfaces make integration with other applications such as instrument control software, LIMS, and database seamless.

The open architecture puts users' needs at top priority. We do not limit the functionality of the software to what we think users should have, we give users the freedom to choose what and how to use the data by exposing the components of our system.

System Wide Security

Totally integrated security. Users can be grouped to have common access privileges system wide.

The system manager will find security management familiar to the way he may have implemented security to in the Windows NT’s user management.

Every user in the system will have unique operation profiles. Directories, printers and screen layouts are user specific.

The system manager has the freedom to choose what events should be logged for auditing purposes and whether to use central auditing log or station based auditing log.

The integrated security will control the Chrom Perfect® ActiveX objects that the user embeds into other applications.

GLP Features

The system manager enables a watermark which digitally authenticates the reports printed through Chrom Perfect®. The watermark provides information about the computer and software that printed the report. It also embeds a serial number which uniquely labels the report and matches the auditing log on the computer so every printed report page is traceable. Since the serial number is contiguous, it provides an additional auditing parameter for printed reports.

Every page of the report can be numbered, therefore, if a user is unsure that a page is missing or mixed, there will be a clue on the page.

There is an indication on the reports for any manual integration that has contributed to the analysis results. This is on a report by report or peak by peak basis.

Operation environment parameters are recorded in the raw file header, such as the computer operating system, time zone, data acquisition server name etc. This makes validation processes easier, and reduces the cost of tracing data origin and environments.

To ensure the authenticity of the exported report and prevent it from editing, we also support exporting  the report to a full page EMF.

Every file has a check-sum and signature to guarantee the integrity of the files.

Data files are never overwritten automatically. Thanks to long file names, we insert a duplication number inside a set of parenthesis after the base name and before the cycle number for easy recognition of duplicated file names without disturbing the sorting order most laboratories use.

Data Acquisition

REAL TIME INTEGRATION. Users can make decisions early in run which saves time, samples, and other resources. With a single click, the user can trigger the integration anytime during the run to check results or set a fixed time interval and let the software integrate automatically.

A reference chromatogram as a background provides a quick visual clue on whether the current run is progressing as expected. Again, users can make decisions early and save time.

Real time annotations provide a way for users to record comments in real time about run condition and other observations. This keeps notes close to the data.

Real time labels show component expected elution times, search windows, and also help the user to verify the sample is running as expected. With integration turned on, the user can view the amount of each peak during data acquisition.

Unlimited downloadable user fields provide a flexible way to record experimental conditions. These fields are saved with the raw data file and add key search criteria for database searches. The fields are user defined, and could be imported during the acquisition via ActiveX automation.

Chromatogram information is only one right click away. Key information about any chromatogram is presented.

Instruments are be "claimed" by users, once claimed, only users with sufficient privileges can control the instrument. Other users have the freedom to view the status and chromatograms remotely via DCOM. If the user decides to leave the program running while absent, control can be locked so no one except system managers can access the instrument.

Via client/server technology, our data acquisition client uses virtual instruments to give users a common user interface for different instruments while our data acquisition server handles different hardware behind the scene.

The client/server technology also provides a safe environment for busy networks. Once a sequence of data acquisition is downloaded to the server on the network, it can operate to the end of the sequence. Therefore any interruption such as the network being down or busy, or the client machine is down, the data is safely saved on the server until the communication is restored. Then the data files will be transferred to the destination computer.

We provide more than 20 different parameters of the running sample view to the user. The user has the freedom to choose which information is presented on the screen.

Data Analysis

Users have the Freedom to choose how many of chromatograms are analyzed at a time. The limitation is the hardware resource.

Chromatogram information is only one right click away. This provides key information about the analysis.

Operation Assistants help users step by step in all interactive operations such as manual integration, annotation, calibration parameter adjustments, etc.

Every chromatogram in the analysis program can be individually adjusted for plotting, integrating, reporting.

Enhanced Meta File (EMF) provides publication quality chromatograms which work with ritually any modern desktop publishing system.

Rapid Review allows users to randomly browse the chromatograms via a sequence or individual  selections. The users have freedom to choose the item(s) to view quickly: the plot, standard report, or just single peak or component, or even customized calculations of peaks/components/runs.

Now through advanced COM technology, many often used applications, such as Rapid Review and Batch processing, can be invoked from within several commonly used modules in the system. Users do not need to close applications to use other modules.


Mutli-threaded processing environment allows for heavy load processing jobs to work in the background while users still have the freedom to use Chrom Perfect® in the foreground to handle daily work.

An unlimited number of user programs run at the end of analysis.

During automatic processing not only the reports and plots are printed, Enhanced Meta Files for each chromatogram can be saved for use in other software products.

Integrated File Editors

There is only one file editor users need deal with for supporting files in Chrom Perfect®. One click, one choice, go.

Superior Report

There are more than 150 report variables and more than 40 predefined calculations at the users' disposal. Users can define formulas and variables for the calculations in the report.

Users choose what data to show on the reports even in the Standard Reports that we provide, including user formulas, special tables, bitmaps, metafiles etc.

Group and slice tables also support all the features that regular peak tables would report, plus all customized calculations Chrom Perfect® ReportWrite Plus™ has supported.

The system manager can choose a company wide report style.

Besides using our built in report formatting and printing engine, we also included several ActiveX automation templates to help users to use their favorite word processor and spread sheet program to further customize the reports directly from Chrom Perfect®’s ReportWrite Plus™  engine.

Plot scales and units are fully customizable.

ISO9001-3 Certified

Justice Laboratory Software is an ISO 9001-3 certified company. Our software development, production and support are all under strict ISO procedures to provide our users with the highest quality of product and service.


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