trainingtraining Justice laboratory Software recognizes that any tool no matter how sophisticated and easy to use can be enhanced by an intimate knowledge of not only Chrom Perfect® but also the environment (OS networks) and compatibility with other products. We have developed a series of courses that are designed to fit the needs of the our customers

All course curriculum is focused on the current version of the Chrom Perfect® data system. It is highly recommended that attendees have at least 30 days experience using the current version of Chrom Perfect® Spirit before participation in any of the following courses. Special upgrade prices are available for users of previous versions of Chrom Perfect® and plan to attend one of the listed courses.

Introductory | Interface | Network | Validation |  

Due to the intensity and focused nature of these courses class size is limited. If the class is full for the requested dates alternative course dates will be recommended. All courses are in our Denville NJ support Center.

Courses are provided by an experienced Chrom Perfect® engineer and include all workbooks and materials. Lunch is provided as well as evening steak night on two-day courses. Hotel and transportation is not included.

Chrom Perfect® Spirit Introductory Course (2 days)-- $1000/person

This course covers all operational areas of Chrom Perfect® Spirit including theory of chromatography data acquisition, calibrations, validation and custom report generation. This course is recommended for the Chemist or technician responsible for the day to day operation of the chromatography lab. Users are encouraged to bring along data files representative of their applications to allow easy transfer of methods and application solutions to there own lab.                                                                       

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Chrom Perfect® Spirit Interface course (1 day)-- $750/person

Full description and training on interface possibilities of the Chrom Perfect® data system. Subjects include VBA application, using ActiveX, and two way communication LIMS, data base applications, on seamless interface to any Microsoft Office product. This course is recommend for individuals responsible for laboratory support and interface solutions.

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Chrom Perfect® Spirit Network course (1 day)-- $750/person

Due to the flexible design, the Chrom Perfect® data system lends itself to a number of Network installation solutions. This course provides information to the individual in the laboratory responsible for laboratory enterprise support and maintenance. It is recommended for support individuals planning to install the Chrom Perfect® data system in a multi-user Client Server environment. Topics covered will include network security, WAN, LAN, and internet operation of Chrom Perfect® Spirit.

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Chrom Perfect® Validation IQ/PQ/OQ (2 days)-- $5000 per company 3 persons max

Full course including notebook documentation validation test hardware, software test procedures for full system installation performance and operational quality and validation. (2 days)

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